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Address, Map & Directions
The Namsen River
Norway Salmon Fishing
Available beats,
weeks and rods season.
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The Seem beat offers nearly 2 miles single bank fishing (no risk of interference from the other side) on the south side of River Namsen and the beat presents a wide variety of fishing opportunities. A number of pools and streams provide excellent chances for both the experienced and the novice angler. Three types of fishing are available: fly fishing, spinning and harling. The Seem beat lies two miles down river from the confluence of the Namsen and Sandøla rivers giving anglers the benefit of the joint annual salmon run to two rivers.

Fly-fishing is allocated to the Island pool (Öra pool) - a 400-600 yards gravel island (dependent on water levels), which is quite narrow at the top end and gradually widens out, ending in some magnificent rapids. 3 rods are normally allowed on this stretch, day and night. In addition, the Melan stretch, a 1.500 yards long section of the beat, has a number of continuing pools for spey casting enthusiasts.

Harling is an important element of the Seem fishing and starts just below the rapids from Öra pool. Seem has a mile long harling stretch.

At Seem, over the last five years, the average seasonal catches (for the period 1/6-31/8) have been around 300 salmon at a weight of 4.0kg (8 lb+). 6 rods from the bank normally fish the beat and two rods are available for harling. The family also have 2 rods available for occasional fishing.

Target Species

  • Atlantic Salmon
  • Sea Trout
  • Brown Trout

Best Time of Year
The Seem Farm is offering fishing from June 1st till August 31st. Normal changeover day is Sunday. We are offering a number of weeks fishing for 6 rods per week. See enclosed table.

The fishing is good throughout the season.

Tackle Required

15ft double handed rods 10-12 weight lines consider taking a shooting head this is a big river at. best 12lb-15lb point minimum



Travel Arrangements and Accommodation
Travel from the UK via Oslo Airport. The flying time from London Heathrow to Oslo Airport is around 1-hour 5o minutes and the domestic flight between Oslo Airport and Trondheim Airport is approx. 45 minutes. If flying with Scandinavian Airlines, big and modern aircrafts are being used. Car hire is the most common way of transport from the airport to the Seem Farm, a driving time of around 2 hours 30 minutes is normal. Other transport can be arranged on request

The long and narrow main house (lån) is typical of the regional architecture (Tröndelag). The house dates from 1850 and has been extended and modernised to reflect growing family demands. The ground floor of the main house has a big open kitchen, 2 spacious dining areas, a generous lounge and a sitting area with a view of the river. All bedrooms are on the first floor with beds for up to 16 people. There are double-bed arrangements in two large bedrooms. Toilets, showers and bathroom are all on the first floor.

Guests will be looked after well. The Tröndelag region has a high reputation for hospitality and friendliness towards visitors and Seem is no exception. You will find the atmosphere relaxed and informal. Two to three wholesome meals will be provided each day using produce from local farms and the area. Afternoon tea surprises from grandma Marie are not unusual - her 'lefse' and waffles are a treat for any tired fisherman.

The Seem Farm and the Seem family go back to the 1650s. The estate is steeped in history and tradition regarding salmon fishing, farming, hunting and trade. The present owner, Anders Seem, is the fifteenth generation at Seem.

The Seem beat on the Namsen River is one of the best salmon fishing offers in Norway. The annual catches throughout the season is in the region of 300 salmon, average weight around 4.5 kg (10 lb) based on approx. 6 rods fishing per week. The atmosphere of the place and the hospitality and friendliness by the farm owners and friends are second to none. I rate the whole set up at the Seem Farm very highly. A true ***** to spend a week fishing!

Cost of Holiday and Duration
One week fishing with light guiding, available boat for harling, 7 night accommodation with full board arrangements, flights from London Heathrow to Trondheim, hire car or local transport from airport and return, mandatory Government licence, disinfections of equipment will cost a total of £ 2.295 per person


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