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Address, Map & Directions
The Malselv River Beats
Norway Salmon Fishing
Available beats,
weeks and rods season.
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Basic Information
The Målselv River is located in the middle part of Arctic Norway – the region to the west, south and east of the city of Tromsø, which is famous as the “Gateway to the Arctic” where a large number of polar explorations started during the late 1800s and the early 1900s. Tromsø is also a centre for Arctic research, incl. The Geophysical Observatory (Northern lights). The region includes some of Europe’s last areas of wilderness - mountains, plains, forests and lakes – where the desolation and grandeur are both mysterious and awesome. It is possible to roam for days in the wild beauty of untouched nature with the feeling of being the only person on earth.

The upper area of the river, Dividal, became a national park in 1970. This was done to maintain the unspoilt nature of the land and to protect wildlife. Lynx and wolverine have their winter lairs in this area. Bears wander through the region and wolves have also been observed. During the summer there are large numbers of reindeer in the upper valleys.

The Målselv River, and in particular the Upper Målselv River, above the famous waterfall “Målselvfoss” has in recent years reclaimed its former glory as a fantastic salmon river. Good runs of salmon have returned and give new anglers the chance to experience one of the most historic salmon rivers in Norway. Over the last seasons Målselv River has produced a credible 10 –12 tonnes (the normal way to measure catches in Norway), representing 2,000 – 3,500 rod caught salmon with an average of around 4.5 kg (10 lb). .

The “Målselvfoss” has a total length of approx. 600 metres on a three-tier basis with a total height difference of 22 metres (70 feet) and is a major attraction in the area. The water pressure in the river is quite formidable and the “Målselvfoss” is quite spectacular to view.

The pool below the waterfall is internationally renowned for very good catches. The salmon run was extended in the river in 1910 when one of the longest salmon ladders in Europe was built. The total salmon run above the waterfall is 70 kilometres and particularly this part of the river; the middle and upper parts provide some wonderful fly-fishing stretches.

The Rundhaug Gjestegard has the fishing rights on a number of private beats above the famous “Målselvfoss”. The total length is approx. 6 kilometres, mainly double bank. The fishing is bank fishing in the immediate location of the hotel as well as at other allocated beats and pools further up river. The whole stretch offers a wide variety of fishing and a number of pools and streams provide excellent chances for both the experienced and the novice angler.

Fly-fishing is carried out on a wide variety of stretches all over the beat and it is arranged on a rotating basis, allowing a number of rods to try all fly-fishing locations and stretches. Normally, two to three anglers will be placed together on each stretch. Wading is easy with combination of gravel and sand bottom. The main salmon run takes place from the beginning of July each year. In keeping with local traditions, local guides will look after fishing guests on a “light guiding” basis.

Target Species

  • Atlantic Salmon
  • Sea Trout
  • Brown Trout

Best Time of Year
We are offering fishing from July 11th till August 29th. Normal changeover day is Sunday. We have secured 6 rods per week.

Tackle Required
16ft rod 10-12 weight lines shooting heads required also 12lb-15lb point is a must along with vaeiwd mix of lines for sink to intermediate and sink.


  • Norway

Travel Arrangements and Accommodation
Rundhaug Gjestegård is a traditional guesthouse/hotel with a relaxed atmosphere and excellent cuisine. The chef takes pride in using produce from ‘nature’s own larder’ and the dishes reflect Arctic traditions as well as elements of international cuisine.

It has 22 individually design rooms with a total of 38 beds. The hotel has been run as a family business since 1905 until new owners took over in 2002. It has been through a considerable restoration and a lot of emphasis has been on maintaining the ‘old style’ atmosphere. It is a place to relax and settle down and with a number of lounges and resting rooms it will never feel crowded.

Travel from the UK via Oslo Airport. The flying time from London Heathrow to Oslo Airport is around 1 hour 5o minutes and the domestic flight between Oslo Airport and Bardufoss Airport is of similar distance. If flying with Scandinavian Airlines, big and modern aircrafts are being used. The distance from the airport to Rundhaug Gjestegård is approx. 20 minutes by car. Hotel staff will pick up guests on arrival.

Cost of Holiday and Duration
One week fishing with guiding (normally one guide per 3 anglers), 7 night accommodation with full board arrangements, flights from London Heathrow to Bardufoss, local transport from airport and return, mandatory Government licence, disinfections of equipment will cost a total of £ 2.395 per person.


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