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Hemmingways is superb , offering luxurious accommodation,excellent cuisine, beautiful surroundings and a level of service that can be found in only the best hotels in the world Garry Cullen and Ashley oversee the operation ensuring a friendly refined service and this means a fantastic stay every time.

More importantly Malindi is supremely positioned offering outstanding varied blue water sport fishing, not half a mile from the hotel. The rapid drop off into Bluewater

Means an abundance of food for the oversized predators that frequent the steep banks and undersea mountains just off shore. Huge Yellowfin Tuna, Tiger, Bull and Hammerhead sharks, sailfish, Marlin, Wahoo, Dorado to name but a few can be caught within sight of the hotel.

Equipped with the best tackle that Shimano and Penn have to offer, you can look forward to some arm wrenching sport aboard Bís nest, Simba, Ol jogi and White bear.

These are also some of the nicest sports boats you will ever see and Hemingways no compromise attitude extends to the crews and captains as well. The sport fishing operation runs like a swiss watch with every crew member responding to a hook up with skill and confidence which can only serve to put even a novice at ease. Trolling combinations of Skirted lures, teasers, fish baits and Rapalas will provide a wide range of hard fighting sportfish and once you have pinned down what their taking on that particular day the hard work really starts. During low season frenetic sport can be had with huge schools of Yellowfin Tuna which frequent the North Kenya banks. However watch out as if you hang about on theses for to long that fish of a lifetime may become that :- Huge Bull, Tiger and Hammerhead hunt the Yellowfin and if Shark fishing is your idea of fun then, Hemingways has them in abundance. Hundreds of large sharks are landed from our boats every year. Slow trolling a 15KG Tuna thatís just taken you 15 minutes to get to the boat may sound a bit extreme, but thatís the best bait, and most anglers will not even have seen a 25/0 hook let alone used one.

Be ready for a hefty workout a 400lb Bull Shark will not give up without a serious fight so get set for a four hour fight.

Alongside the fantastic fishing Hemingways offers the complete Kenya experience with Big game safaris, Dhow Trips (sailing boat) Scuba diving, bird shooting and much more.

High season offers the cream of Marlin, Sailfish, Broadbill swordfish, and Carambeses all Supreme fighters on the correct tackle, the operation caters for Novice to Expert, Heavy tackle to fly fishing , the experience you build up here means that how ever you want to target your quarry, Hemingways has the know how to make it happen

We hold numerous line class and all tackle world records testifying to the crews abilities to hook that fish of a lifetime.

The lodge is located at Malindi on the coast of Kenya. Where Garry Cullen, and Ashley oversee every need for your holiday.

Travel Arrangements And Accommodation
Flights from UK to Mombassa, you will be accommodated in a superior room fishing 3 full days aboard a 33ft Bertram, plus 3 days light tackle fishing, airport transfers, you can buy extra days while at the lodge

Cost of Holiday and Duration

Cost for 14 nights high season:

  • Special Deal: 14 nights from August Ė December from £2250.00
  • Non-anglers £1292, so bring your partner.


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