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Goliath Tiger Fish

NEW: Take a look at our dedicated Goliath Tiger Fishing Site:

A fascinating trip to the remote jungles and black heart of Africa the trip
is the only one in the world for these giant fresh water predators.

Goliath Tiger Fishing - Africa -The Congo
Comment from Peter McCullough “ I was extremely tentative about the trip but as soon as we arrived there was someone to assist at the airport and from day 1 we were well cared and looked after the fishing was superb and locations gave mixed results but we caught many species and 7 tigers to ‘56lb’ just a brilliant once in a life time experience which I would not have missed for the world”

What to Expect
This has got to be the most exciting opportunity to go for a seriously toothy creature, the Goliath Tiger fish, awesome fighters, with incredible surges and jumps, for a big fish they are extremely acrobatic, generally taken trolling or dead/live bait fishing, no one has seriously gone after them with a fly rod and the world record is waiting for an adventurer to take. And I would argue that this is one of the last horizons for Game fisherman ‘Mbenga’ is the largest Tiger fish of all, and King of the sport in Central Africa. The trips are safe and well planned by experienced Europeans, who speak good English.

Target Species Highlighted

  • Goliath Tiger Fish: the main quarry.
  • Other Species:  other Tiger Fish
  • Cornish Jack
  • Vundu Catfish
  • Silver Catfish
  • and over 30 other species live in the river.

Best Time of Year

  • July – November. But trips are limited to 6 persons only.

Tackle Required
Boats are supplied here and within the price, You need 9’ 10/11 weight fly rod with 40lb Single strand wire trace, anything else will fail, you have been warned, intermediate and sunk lines, with fly’s designed like fish to 6” silver and red or silver and green, eyes towards head will do fine and an eye, spinning rods 10’ or bait rods of 10’ with good tip action, 30lb test curve required as minimum ensure a hook sharpener is on board.

The Fishing
Can be long hours for one fish much like salmon fishing I always thought but with hind sight its exciting live bait produces the best strike rate large Plugs (with eagle claw Hooks in shallower runs work well as do big flat spoons (silver) Fly fishing is done in quieter sections of the river with big flies silver based.

On the Congo River our location are secret.

Travel Arrangements And Accommodation.
Fly form UK to Kinshasa Airport we can arrange the following for you visitor permit (you arrange visa with embassy 3 months prior trip as they only last 3 months, tourist taxes, drinks, bait, tips, personal expenses. This is not a luxury job, you will be Sleeping in a tent in a humid, hot atmosphere, with “bugs’’ about it is not a trip for softies, we will catch tigers and come home safely though. Price includes 2 nights hotel accommodation, and either 5 or 9 nights lodgings, all meals, all transfers within D.C.R.Congo by train, boat, jeep, minibus, auto car, or airplane which ever is appropriate.

Cost of Holiday and Duration
Sterling is £2550 with person sharing very comfortable tented accommodation, boat and car, first night Hotel accommodation in Kinshasa, meet and greet and invitations to Congo all admin undertaken accept UK visas$75Us cost and you need to apply exactly 3 months before the trip as the limitation on application time for Visa needs is 3 months. I advise sending 2nd month before trip etc. 6 days fishing 8 nights.

Sterling £2050 3-4 persons. £1850 4-6 person. All extra weeks are at £895 per person.

Please note we always have guided trip with an ‘me’ expert on Goliath’s this year its 3rd August to 17th £3250 sterling all inclusive except international flight.

Yellow fever vaccination, Hepatitus A,B, and Tetanus, its a malarial area get advice from your doctor.

We send an invitation from Congo to present with visa application and you need to prove you have £1500 available cash.

Most companies will insure you these days try Floyds on 01202-393170 its about £100 for annual worldwide.

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