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Amazon Trip 2 - Rio Araca Lodge
Peacock Bass Rio Araca Lodge

Completed in 2002 the Rio Arca Lodge Located 70 miles N.W. of Barcelos, Brazil on the Ara’ca river is reached by our M-7 float planes.

Like its big brother on the Rio Negro, the new Lodge offers luxury,comfort, and modern conveniences in the vastness of this untracked and un explored rain forest

Target Species

  • Peacock bass

Best Time of Year

  • All Year round but April to October is best.

Tackle Required

7/8 weight fly rods or Bait casters geared for medium sized fish to 20-30lb.

Fishing equipment is furnished at no additional cost as a service to our anglers. We furnish three quality Falcon rods and bait casting reels (Shimano and Curado), 80-lb. Spectra line and all the lures that are needed for the week's fishing. Still, you may bring your favorite gear and lures if you wish.

Fly Fishing Tackle
This aggressive jungle species is well suited to fly-fishing, leaving many fly-fishing world records to be set. An 8/9 or 9/10 weight fly rod is recommended. Reels should have a good drag, hold at least 150 yards of backing and be spooled with weight forward bass taper floating and intermediate sinking lines. For leader: we suggest 6-8 feet of 17-25-lb. monofilament.


Pattern Size Colors
Edge Water Pencil Poppers 2/0 & 3/0 white, yellow, chartreuse
Edge Water Boiler Maker 2/0 & 3/0 white, yellow, chartreuse
Deceivers 2/0—6/0 minnow colors
(blue/white, olive/white, charter, chartreuse/white, red/white
Double Bunney 2/0—6/0 olive/white, pink/white, chartreuse/white
Mylar Minnow 2/0—6/0 chartreuse, green, red, yellow, white
Mylar Minnow 2/0—6/0 chartreuse, green, red, yellow, white

Spinning or Bait Casting Tackle
We use medium to medium-heavy largemouth bass tackle. For rods we suggest six to seven-foot bait casting rods rated for 25-30 lb. line. Due to the strength of the fish and the abundance of structure, we strongly suggest Spectra 80-lb. test braided Kevlar lines (really, these fish snap Spectra 50-lb. with ease); for monofilament, the "Magnum" 14/40-lb. line (14 lb. diameter), with standard reels of at least 100-yard capacity. While fishing for peacock bass, there is no need for steel leaders, in fact, they can be a disadvantage since they take some action out of the lure.

Note: Always inspect your line after a strike and after fighting a fish.

Spinning or Bait Casting Lures

Manufacturer Style Size Colors
Luhr-Jensen "Woodchopper" big game black/orange, green fire scale, clown
Luhr-Jensen "Ripper" 3/4 oz. black/orange, green fire scale, clown
High Roller "RipRoller" 6 inch perch, clown, black/orange
Mann's "Bass Agitator" 3/4 oz. white metal flake, chartreuse
Bill Lewis "Mag Trap" 3/4 oz. chrome/blue, chrome/black
Bomber "Long A" Heavy Duty 8 oz. silver flash, fire tiger minnow
Rebel "Jointed Minnow" 3/4 oz. silver/black, silver/blue, fire tiger

We mainly use the following:

  • Big-game "Rippers" or "Wood Choppers"
  • "Peacock Bass Specials"
  • "Jointed Minnows" or "Long A's"
  • "Rattle Trap" type lures.

The rest in the above list are optional. For piranha bring several 1/2 oz "Rattle Trap" lures in silver or gold.


  • Brazil


  • Brazil Amazon River Area

Travel Arrangements and Accommodation.
All necessary ground transportation and air charters within Brazil in conjunction with the normal trip schedule.

  • Lodging (double occupancy) and daily laundry & maid service.
  • Guide service in Bass boats 2 x1
  • All meals
  • Open Bar
  • Use of Quality bait casting rods and spinning gear and lures
  • Fishing Licences where necessary

Cost of Holiday and Duration

  • $US 3950.00
  • 6 days fishing.


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